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Skin Scripts is a cosmetic range that is developed by a pharmacists and is manufactured in South Africa.

Experience a new generation of skincare with the ability to repair and renew with long term results.  On offer now is a skin care product that gives relief from fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize and protect your youthful skin for the long-term, it not only turns back the clock, but it keeps it there for long term skin care beauty.

Safe to use everyday.  Great for all skin types.

What you will see:

  • A dramatic reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, and the signs of aging.
  • Brightening and clarification of age spots, dullness and uneven pigmentation.
  • Increase in skin hydration.
  • Skin will become soft and supple, even in tone, and regain its firmness.
  • Skin and it will become measurably thicker and more youthful in appearance.
  • Others will notice and comment on how good your skin looks!


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  1. I need something to even tone my skin ,I have wrinkles on my hands and blemishes and stretched marks

    1. We have stretch mark cream that will help for the wrinkles and stretch marks. There is an Eventone Moisturiser, toner for blemishes.

    2. Aging Leads to Irregular Pigmentation
      • More than 90 % of Caucasian subjects aged over 50 are affected by pigment spots.
      • New studies showed that irregular pigmentation added up to 10 years on to the perceived age. It also plays a large role in the perception of women’s health.
      Age spots are, for this reason, a major skin concern along with wrinkles and sagging.

      These hyperpigmentations called senile lentigo are typically found on UV-exposed areas of the body. They can range in size from one millimeter up to a few centimeters
      in diameter and vary in color from light brown to black.
      Compared to the surrounding, normally pigmented skin,age spot areas are characterized by:
      • an increased number of melanocytes and an increased production of melanin
      • the overproduction of a second pigment, lipofuscin, a complex made of oxidized proteins and lipids, which accumulates with age

      .Age Spots
      • Two types of pigments are present in age spots, the melanins and lipofuscin.
      • Melanin are overproduced in the spot area because of exposure to UV radiation.
      • Oxidized proteins and lipids form insoluble, dark pigmented complexes which are called lipofuscin.
      • Accumulation of oxidized proteins and thus lipofuscin formation is normally prevented by the proteasome (enzyme) system. It is a complex of proteases that specifically recognizes damaged proteins and then degrades them completely.
      • Proteasome activity is known to decline with advancing age, explaining why uneven pigmentation or age spots formed as a result of lipofusion is a typical symptom of old age.

      How to treat Age Spots
      Age spots appear on UV-exposed areas of the body mainly after 50. They are characterized by an increased production of two pigments: melanin and lipofuscin The cosmetic treatment of age spots is normally a combination of the regular use of sunscreens for prevention and application of whitening products to fade the spots.
      Chemical peels are another option. But, if not applied only to the spot area, the fading effect is minimal because bleaching creams and peelings will whiten the skin all over. And as most of the women still prefer a slight, healthy-looking tan, they are looking for a product that specifically treats age spots.

      Erasing Age Spots can be done by : a combination of two active substances incorporated into separate liposomes:
      • An extract of Swiss garden cress sprouts which is rich in sulforaphane, a powerful antioxidant phytonutrient
      • Genistein, the biologically active form of the most abundant soy isoflavone.
      The combination prevents and regulates the formation of both pigments. It also inhibits the accumulation of lipofuscin in the skin by activating the proteasome, the cell’s own cleaning system which degrades oxidized proteins.

    3. We have a product range for pigmented skin. Eventone Moisturiser, Evenskin toner and Lumiserum. They work each one on a different mechanism and if used together provide excellent result in about 30 days.
      The wrinkles and blemishes on the hand can be reduced with our RegeniRx serum, it have apple stemcells, and many other ingredients to increase the thickness of the skin and the fade age spots/ blemishes.
      We also have a Stretch mark cream, with high concentration of peptides and skin repair products, it will not fade very old stretch marks, but it is an excellent prevention of stretch marks and improve the appearance of new red stretchmarks significantly.

  2. Good day
    I am a qualified skin care therapist from Windhoek, Namibia. Your products look very promising. Do you have a distributor in Namibia? Could you please send me more info e.g a training manual. Will appreciate it tremendously!

    1. Hi Francis try the anti-aging range. This range have been developed using peptides that increase the elastin and collagen in the skin. This will in turn result in thicker and more elastic skin . This is not a very fast process and takes about 6 weeks to see a difference. The best results can be obtained with the high concentrated treatments which is applied in the form of serums.

  3. Hey, I have a blocked sweat gland (Syringoma – according to internet) on my bottom eye lid just under my eyelash line and this can apparently be treated with trichloroacetic acid and upon Googling this I came across your products but not sure if this will actually work and if so, which one will be best. If possible, please advise?

    1. Dear Ilse, The use of TCA for your application can be very dangerous. The use of any acid near the eyes must be done by a medical doctor, if not you can cause permanent damage to your eye and loose your sight.

  4. Hi there. Which products would be best for severe keratosis Pilaris? I have tried numerous in salon peels for my KP on my arms and nothing seems to work. Which peel from your range would you recommend?

  5. My little nice who is 16 has severe acne. She says her skin is itchy. Which products can she use?

    1. We have a whole range for teenager skin it is called 4TEENS there is a wash, toner and two types of moisturisers to choose from. The acne and itchy skin should be much better after one month of continous use of these products.

  6. I have a stretch marks I think it can help to those stretch marks on my belly

    1. Hi Mirriam, you can use our scar repair that will help with your scars.
      It takes about 3 months before a clear and visible difference can be seen.

  7. Hi I’m Mirriam I have a ski in my face I tried everything but there is no help how can I use I’m not comfortable when I’m with other people

    1. Hi Mirriam, you can use our scar repair that will help with your scars.
      It takes about 3 months before a clear and visible difference can be seen

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